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Carolyn has over 30 years in the real estate business, her experience will save you money and time. As a Mother and Grandmother, she understands the disruption that moving can have upon your family, children and pets and goes the extra mile to make the experience smooth and understandable.
Profit from her experience – in addition to being a licensed Real Estate Broker for over 30 years, I am experienced in Property Management. I own my own rental properties and manage several others for investors. References available.

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The Real Estate Market in St. Boni

The real estate market in St Boni has been everchanging this year. The first 8 months of the year we could not keep any inventory on the market. Now, it seems, the buyers have gone South for the

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There are expectations in every home buyer about what they will learn at the inspection. Since all Inspectors should be licensed they should all be the same, wrong! The requirements of state

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